Adding/Editing Scales

From the main menu, select "Manage Scales" to get to the Scales screen.

Long pressing a scale name allows you to delete, rename, copy or email a scale.

To enter the scale editor, tap on the scale you wish to edit, or tap "New Scale" to create a new scale.

In the scale editor, set up your scale with the following controls:


  • Mode use to specify the mode of the scale (this is used to display the key when playing a game profile)
  • Fretboard tap the positions you wish to include on the scale. When you add a new position you will be prompted to enter the scale degree (Root, 1, 2, 3, flat3, etc.). Tap a selected position to remove it from the scale.


  • Number of Strings use to specify how many strings are used for the scale (6 for standard guitar, 4 for standard bass, etc.)
  • String # Specify the open string tuning of each string. 1 is the highest String, shown at the top of the screen while playing.

When finished, tap "Save" to save your changes.