Adding/Editing Game Profiles

From the main menu, tap "Play" to get to the Game Profiles screen.

A game profile is a saved set of scales and questions. For example, you might have one profile that you use to practice memorizing the minor scale patterns, and another for practicing memorizing the scale degrees of the blues scale.

Long pressing a profile name allows you to delete, rename, copy or email a profile.

To enter the profile editor, tap on the profile you wish to edit, or tap "New Game Profile" to create a new profile.

In the profile editor, set up your profile with the following controls:


  • Key Specify the key that you wish to practice in. You select only the note here -- the mode is specified by the scales you select.
  • Scales Select the scales that you wish to include in the game. Note that all scales you select must have identical tunings and the same number of strings. That is, you cannot include one scale that is defined in drop D tuning, and another in standard tuning; nor can you include one scale defined with 6 strings and another with 8.


  • Question Select the checkbox next to each question type you want to include in the game.
    • Identify Scale Degree - you will be shown a note on the fretboard and must identify what the scale degree is.
    • Locate Scale Degree - you will be given a scale degree and must find it on the fretboard
    • Jam - 10 seconds of jamming on the selected scale. As you tap positions on the fretboard, you will be told whether each note is on the scale.
    • Locate Scale Roots - A section of the fretboard associated with a scale will be highlighted. For the specified key, you must identify the root notes for that scale.
    • Is Note On Scale - A note will be shown on the highlighted section of the fretboard associated with the scale. You must specify whether or not that note is part of the scale.
    • Follow Me - Simon sez! A pattern will be played on the scale and you must play it back. Each time you correctly play the pattern, a note is added.
  • Weight Use the slider for each question to control how often that question type should be shown relative to the others.

Activate the button for each hint you want to include in the game.

  • Show Roots highlights the scale roots on the fretboard.
  • Show Scale highlights all scale positions on the fretboard.
  • Show Degrees shows the degree of each scale position on the fretboard.

Hold time for next hint - controls how long the hint button needs to be held down before the next hint is shown.

When finished, tap "Save" to save your changes, "Play" to play or "Exit" to go back to the Game Profiles menu.